Koyt - Kuit - Kuyt
Type: Kuit beer
EBC 13 EBU 22
Density of wort 12.4 degrees Plato
Alc. 5.8% Vol.
Ingredients: Water, oat malt, barley malt, wheat malt, old European noble-hops, top-fermenting yeast.

Historic Dutch beer brewed after Campaign for Netherlands beer-style guidelines. Grain bill consists of 45% oat malt, 35% barley malt and 20% wheat malt. Beautiful straw colored beer, naturally opaque and with a specific fruity scent and taste. More about the history of Koyt beer is here. Momentarily the only Dutch style of beer. Oats are indigenous in Europe and are healthy, demand less fertilizer and improve the soil.

World Beer Cup silver medal 2014